Life Empowerment Inc - Personalized Support Services in Barrhead, Edmonton, and Whitecourt

Life Empowerment provides an individualized, person-centered, trauma-sensitive approach to responsive caregiving. This approach is tailored to the specific and unique needs of the Person(s) in service and governed by a solution-based outcome model. We empower each person to reach their potential while respecting their cultural, spiritual, and life diversities. We support them to pursue an enriched and fulfilled quality of life that celebrates their gifts and desires. Life Empowerment specializes in providing support to People in service living with complexities to include, but not limited to, dual diagnosis, mental health considerations, addictions, behavioral, mental health supports, sensory supports, brain injury, and criminal justice involvement; or any combination of these supports.

Core Values

Enlighten, Inspire, Encourage…while celebrating life.


Empowering individuals to soar,
while reaching their greatest potential.


✔   To be an industry leader in providing individualized and meaningful programming and support for people, while focusing on quality of life, empowerment, and community inclusion.

✔   To be an industry leader as an employer that empowers their employees to reach their potential and beyond; an employer of choice

✔   To be a community leader by enlightening the knowledge and understanding of the Communities' perceptions of people living with disabilities.


Through outcome based services, Life Empowerment Inc. will provide the following:

✔   Individualized programming for each Person in service that ensures quality of life, wellness, and community inclusion in a safe and respectful approach that honours the Person's gifts and interests;

✔   Promote self-determination with the necessary supports;

✔   Promote and teach personal and community safety.


✔   Persons living with Developmental Disabilities;

✔   Persons requiring Complex Programming Supports;

✔   Persons requiring Child & Family Programming and Supports

Commitment to Necessary Change

Through collaborations of all stakeholders in the Person's life, Life Empowerment Inc. is committed annually to evaluate, promote, and encourage the necessary changes that will enhance and improve the quality of life and the Services delivered to the People we serve.

Empowerment is....       (but not limited to)

  A positive environment built on solutions;

  Growth and change that is never-ending and self-initiated;

  Changing other's perceptions of one's competency & capacity;

  Understanding that all people have rights, and a right to practice them

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