Life Empowerment offers services to a TARGET POPULATION, our focus is services for people who live with disabilities, as well who live with complex or multiple disabilities. We welcome Individuals and their families through adult services by PDD, insurance, Health, or other independent funders; children through FSCD and Child and Family Services Authorities, or other independent funders. This group includes, but is not limited to, individuals with developmental disabilities, the need for significant behavioral supports, addictions, mental health, sensory, brain injury or other disabilities.

Disability Services Programs

Along with the Individual’s guardian, doctors, funders, Support Team and others they wish to include in their life planning; we will gather to plan yearly outcome based goals in of your life, Well-Being, Independence, and Community Connectedness, which we will be broken into eight are as called “Domains”:

Life Empowerment provides supports to Individual's in transition. This is provided through an assessment of needs, the development of a transition plan, and research of potential Service Providers available to the Individual to carry out their transition plan. This service area will provide you the necessary support to make the transitions from each stage in your life. For example: from high school to working. Living with your parents to living with roommates in your own home. Transitioning into life as a senior citizen, etc.

We will provide support if you require time away from your home. This is up to 24 hours and can be either in your home or away from your home. For example: you will stay at your support’s home for a couple of days while your family is away.

We will support Individuals in finding the best possible home away from home. The Support Home will provide the Individual a place to call home 24 hours a day/365 days a year. This provides you an opportunity to learn the necessary skills to build independence prior to moving into your own home, as well when it is appropriate you can welcomed you for as long as it fits your support needs.

We will support Individuals in a finding suitable roommate(s) to provide them up to 24 hours of support daily while sharing a home, and home life responsibilities.

Overnights or Non-Overnight Supports: Typically this is up to 24 hour supports, however, when requested we will deliver the necessary supports from two hours weekly or up to sixteen hours daily, less the overnight hours. Community Living Support can include 2 or 3 people; working on life goals and plans. For example: your support team will help with daily living, personal budgeting, health and wellness, planning days, learning your rights, building relationships, etc.

We support you in looking for work; and we will support you in working as much as you wish to. Your team will advocate to ensure you earn fair wages and treatment in the workforce. For example: your support team will help you to write resumes; learn the necessary work skills for your jobs you choose; learn your employment rights; provide you the necessary on the job support.